Company Kompozit 21 trade is an experienced fiberglass rebar and mesh manufacturer. Our product range includes 11 sizes of rebar, 12 sizes of reinforcing mesh and 4 sizes of masonry mesh.

Our company’s main priority is a strict production control to get a cool product, which we are not ashamed of! And our margin is not that big, so we can offer our customers a quality product at competitive prices.

Another advantage: the main production is located in Russia and the cost of goods is formed in rubles. Because of the low ruble exchange rate, our prices are even more attractive for builders from other countries.

Thus, choosing our fiberglass rebar materials instead of metal ones, you save several times:

  • first, due to the fact that fiberglass rebar is up to 68% more efficient than metal;
  • secondly, because of our flexible pricing policy!

On our website you can find a list of products, applications, examples of objects where our rebar and mesh were used.

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Rebar manufacturing in 2019

4 900 000 meters

Mesh manufacturing in 2019

470 000 square meters

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How to apply fiberglass rebar

  • Low weight. Composite rebar is 8 times lighter than steel, thereby reducing the total weight of the structure and the load on the foundation without loss of durability.
  • High tensile strength. Tensile strength is 3 times higher than steel rebar.
  • Savings up to 50%. The estimate is significantly reduced when replacing the metal with fiberglass. Taking into account the equal-strength replacement of rebar, savings are up to 50%.
  • Savings up to 90% on transportation. Due to light weight and small volume, transportation of fiberglass rebar is much cheaper. The volume required to reinforce the slab foundation of the medium size house of 3000 linear meters, fits in the trunk of a car.
  • The flexibility of sizes – rods of the desired length. The length of composite rebar is 50 and 100 meters. When reinforcing, you cut off the rod of the desired length, and do not join the 11-meter iron rods. Connections of metal rods are the weakest points of the reinforcing frame.
  • Energy efficiency. Savings even after construction – during the operation of the object, as the cost of heating the building, reinforced with fiberglass, are lower comparing to steel reinforcement.
  • Durability. Due to the high chemical and corrosion resistance of reinforcing composite materials, the service life of fiberglass rebar in the concrete body is more than 80 years (unlike steel analogues).
  • Radio transparency and dielectric properties. The rebar cage of the dielectric does not conduct electricity. Thus, radio transparency increases and the influence of electromagnetic fields decreases at your facility.
  • Ease of installation. The process of cutting and installation of a rebar is simplified-any worker with a minimum set of tools and strength can manage fiberglass rebar tie.
  • Low thermal conductivity. The building that you are constructing will have no “thermal bypasses”, as fiberglass rebar does not conduct heat, unlike steel one. For the Northern countries of severe climate, the problem of heat loss and freezing of walls, floors and foundations is particularly relevant.

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